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Are you groping under the painful effect of that drug, habit that you have gotten yourself addicted to? Do you desire to find out two simple activities you can carry out immediately to start your recovery from this addiction or to break the addiction? If you are interested in this, then I want you to read on. This article will be exposing you to two quick ways you can end an addiction.

Tip 1: Clear Out the "Supporters"

Sometimes ago, I watched an interesting Christian film titled, Fireproof which featured a couple who were struggling to keep their marriage together after 7 years. They had already settled for divorce when the husband's father gave him a 40-day marriage-saving therapy book, he was to read, study and act on each tip from the book for 40 days.

Due to the unsettled atmosphere in the home, the husband had gotten addicted to watching pornography on the internet. On a particular day when he was on the internet which also corresponded to the day the book taught him why he must do away with the 'parasites' of marriage, he, as usual, was tempted to click on a porno picture but remembered the message from the book on parasites of marriage, he rose immediately and took the whole of his computer set to the backyard and smashed them into pieces!

I have taken my time to narrate this story because I want you to understand how important it is for you to do away with every parasite that are bent on keeping you addicted to that drugs, alcohol or habit.

The husband in this film was able to worst physically destroy an important parasite that was determined to permanently steal his love for his wife. You must also begin to take actions that will help you to crush parasites that are bent on stealing your joy and also diminish or extinguish your love for God.

They Are "Supporters"

I have called these penis parasites "supporters" of the negative act you have gotten yourself addicted to. Though they are called "supporters", they are actually parasites and enemies of your joy.

For every case of addiction, there are events, scenes, objects and so on that constitutes supporters to it. They help you to keep getting involved against your will. They cheer you on despite the fact that you don't want to be inspired or encouraged to carry out the act. The computer, internet and the porno websites were examples of "supporters" to that husband in the film I described above. This guy was wise enough to to clear out these obstacles to ensure peace in his home and marriage.

Kings of Israel Cleared Out

"He removed the high places and broke the scared pillars, cut down the wooden image and broke in pieces the bronze serpent that Moses had made; for until those days the children if Israel burnt incense to it..." (2 Kings 18:4).

I observed that all the kings of Israel who did what was right in the sight of God were fond of doing a clear out at the beginning of their reign. King Hezekiah was one of them and his story is the one you read in the above passage. He cleared out every worship place which the people had put in place to worship other gods apart from the living God. He (and others like) knows that he can't do a good job of his reign without clearing out "supporters" or 'parasites that have been instituted by slut their predecessors or the people to prevent the true worship of the true Living God.

You can't really show you are serious about your fight against addiction if you don't clear out things or objects that encourage you to carry out the act.

You will need to critically look at your situation and figure out these supporters. Someone who is addicted to pornography should know that porno magazines and websites are "supporters" of this act. Other "supporters" can also be association with promiscuous or morally-backward friends.

You should look at your addiction issue and find out those things that have helped you or encouraged you to keep carrying out the act and do a massive clear out! Read more at to break the addiction

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